We conduct in-person, remote training.

Held remotely (live via Google Meet) or in person and lasts approximately 3 hours. We provide didactic material, make simulations and solve problems in practical situations, with real-time access to the Orquestra system.


Program content:

  • What is Inmetro?
  • What is the Orchestra system?
  • What is a Product Certification Company?
  • What is Object Registration?
  • Inmetro's punishments
  • Certification Models
  • Risk Classification (Ordinance No. 282/2020)
  • Deadlines for Public Release Acts (Ordinance No. 35/2020)
  • How to access the Orquestra system?
  • Registration of Legal Representative, obtaining reliability via Digital Certificate and delegation of members to the Orchestra via GOV.BR
  • Product Registration in the Orquestra
  • Import consent
  • Maintenance, renewal or alteration of Registry
  • Task Migration (action of updating the Orquestra to Version 3)

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