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Certification of Household Metal Stairs in Brazil is mandatory and regulated by Inmetro.

The Household Metal Stairs are certified by product family and the certification model can be 5 or 7.


Product family? What does it mean?

Set of models, from the same brand, which have the same constructive characteristics – stair material, classification of the non-slip surface of the steps, items and accessories, existence of paint coating, nominal work load, step width, stair width, convergence, inclination for front and rear side, front and rear distance of the ladder support, distance between steps and between the lowest step and the ground, relative location of the spacer or lock, and can only differ by size, number of steps, specification the profile and material of the steps, provided that according to a previously specified pattern, the existence of reinforcements, their quantity and location and other characteristics that derive exclusively from these differentiations.


And what are the certification models?

Model 5: includes the evaluation and approval of the Quality Management System and the Customer Service Systematic of the supplier through audits and tests on samples that can be collected both at the factory and in the trade.

Model 7: batch certification, which is evaluated through product tests and evaluation of the Customer Service System. This modality is more common for imported products.

How can Oseto Consulting and Training help your company achieve Inmetro certification?

Discover our way of working below

  • Initial care

    We advise the client about the mandatory requirements for product certification at Inmetro

  • Knowing the company

    We collect the necessary information and documentation about the company and products that will be certified

  • Presentation of partnerships

    We present the options of Product Certification Companies and laboratories

  • Developing technical documentation

    We fill out and assist the company in filling out the technical documentation, labels, packaging, instructions for use and Inmetro Seal for sending to the Product Certification Company

  • Developing the Quality Management System (model 5)

    We develop documentation and train employees on certification requirements procedures

  • Developing the Customer Service System

    We develop the documentation and train employees on customer service requirements procedures

  • Analysis of the Quality Management System (if necessary)

    We perform an internal audit to verify compliance with the requirements

  • Analysis of Strategic Direction (if necessary)

    We conducted the Management Review meeting

  • Audit of the Product Certification Company

    We monitor and support the company during and after receiving the result of the audit carried out by the product certification company

  • Product Performance Analysis

    We assist in the study of laboratory test results

  • Registration in the Inmetro’s Product Management System (Orquestra)

    We register products at Inmetro after receiving the Certificates of Conformity by the Product Certification Company

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